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Get a better gas & electric rates and start saving today! Each of our client's energy usage is put up for a blind-auction so energy producers compete for your business!

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Customized Energy Solutions

The team at Prosperitus Energy Group is dedicated to providing our clients energy solutions that benefit their bottom line. We have strategic relationships that will ensure your business receives the lowest energy rates available, creates new revenue streams through various energy management programs, and by improving reliability and power quality through our innovative solutions.

"Our promise at Prosperitus in the complex world of energy is to do what's best for your business"

How it works (Step by Step)

Bid Request

Fill out a bid request and we'll get to work to find you a supplier.

There is no obligation until we mutually find the best partner for you!

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The Auction

During this step Prosperitus staff will: Analyze the last 12-24 months of your electricity and natural gas usage data to determine your load profile and best position your account for the bid.

Prepare a customized request for Proposal (RFP) to pre-qualified suppliers serving your market. Every supplier recommended has been thoroughly researched to ensure they have quality...

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Sit Back & Relax

All clients will be monitored with Prosperitus’ patented PriceWatch Software™, which alerts analysts when market prices reach a specified point.

Prosperitus will identify any mis-charges or errors made by your utility or supplier and have them credited back to you.

Sit back and enjoy the savings while Prosperitus looks out for your best interests

Supplier Standards & Expectations

Prosperitus has performed due diligence on all suppliers wishing to bid on our clients’ accounts in the PowerPit!™ We have rejected numerous suppliers for failing to meet our Supplier Standards and Expectations

Prosperitus-Approved Suppliers

  • Almost all own generation facilities

  • Average BBB rating of an A

  • Almost all own generation facilities

  • Awards from KEMA and JD Power & Associates

  • Many offer green options. Prosperitus can get customers anywhere from 10-100% green energy. Most are national and deal in

  • Prosperitus suppliers own most of the pipeline capacity, allowing the lowest natural gas prices.

Non Prosperitus-approved Suppliers

  • Some have questionable tactics - if you are not an energy expert, you may find out when it’s too late!

  • Are you comparing apples to apples on rates and what is included in those rates?

  • Some suppliers leave out certain charges to appear to have lower

  • What is their BBB rating?

  • Do they have any complaints filed with the Public Service Commission (PSC)?

  • Are they custom fitting a product specifically to our needs or just forcing you into a box with other customers?

How Prosperitus is able to provide the lowest energy rates.

1. Size & Mass

We have thousands of businesses in our program Prosperitus is the largest energy consultants in terms of size & mass. SIze & Mass =  LEVERAGE = Lowest Energy Rates

2. Blind Auction Process

Our Blind Auction process (PowerPit!™) forces suppliers to provide rock bottom rates. Since suppliers don’t know what their competitors are bidding, they must provide their best rate up front or risk losing the potential business. Every day PowerPit!™ helps our customers save significant dollars on their energy bills.

3. Experience

Hiring only the brightest and the best, our team includes wholesale market experts (from NYISO, ISO-NE, PJM) & a former Chairman of the NY Public Service Commission. Prosperitus is focused on remaining the most stable supply consultant in the industry.

4. Market & Pricing Analysts

Prosperitus' analysts use proprietary, state of the art programming to continuously monitor rate trends and market factors that affect energy rates. Additionally, each account is carefully analyzed prior to requesting supplier’s bids. Your particular facility type, load profile and special requests help us match your needs with the supplier that will best meet those needs.

5. Multilevel Rate Negotiations

We negotiate rates on every level, forcing energy suppliers to tighten their margins on all rate components. The all-inclusive rate you pay per kWh (electric) or DTH (natural gas) consists of numerous components: bandwidth & capacity requirements, early termination fees and green requirements, among other key points of negotiation. Chipping away at the rate on every level is just another way that Prosperitus secures the lowest rates.


Price Match™ Guarantee

Think you are getting the lowest possible rate from an energy supplier? Let Prosperitus make sure that you are right – for free! The only thing you could lose is money by not checking! Our pricing analysts will seek to beat the rate you have received and, if we cannot, we will suggest that you accept the offer you received.


When you sign up for our program, not only do you gain access to the lowest energy rates, you also gain an advocate that will watch the volatile energy market on your behalf.

You will be notified immediately if the market indicates that an extension or modification of your supply agreement would be beneficial. With our PriceWatch™ system on your side you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute best rate on your natural gas and electricity supply—not just when you sign the supply agreement, but also during the term of the agreement.

Trusted By these companies

Bad Apple: A Case Study

Company Profile
Pennsylvania based construction firm

Most energy brokers and consultants request an aggregate price for all accounts when seeking rates for their clients. This is a dangerous strategy. With all accounts combined, there is no way to spot a “bad apple” that drastically increases the final rate (a weighted average of all prices). The following is an actual example of a Prosperitus customer.

  • 10 of the 11 accounts that Prosperitus analysts were preparing fell into the normal category, where it was beneficial to custom price. However, one account fell into the minority because it had erratic on-peak usage.
  • When all 11 accounts were priced together the rate was $0.0789/kWh
  • Prosperitus analysts noticed one of those accounts was assigned a rate of $0.1286/kWh, which meant it was increasing the overall rate for the customer.
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